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What is Conversational Analysis Transcription?

Conversational analysis is a transcription style that is capable of uncovering specific paralinguistic features, and which also attempts to describe subtle speaker interactions. While it is most suited to linguistic research, it is ideal in any case where analysis of non-verbal communication is required.

Conversational analysis is the most complex transcription style that Pacific Transcription offers, and is an alternative to the standard ‘intelligent verbatim’ and orthographic ‘strict verbatim’ styles that are also offered by Pacific Transcription.

Conversational Analysis Transcription StyleWhat’s the difference between standard “intelligent verbatim” and “conversational analysis” transcription styles?

The below example illustrates the difference between standard ‘intelligent verbatim’ transcription and conversational analysis transcription.

Interviewee: We had decided to go for a walk but unfortunately it started to rain.

Conversational analysis is not only transcribed strict verbatim but includes symbols and additional information relating to pace, tone, laughter et cetera.

Interviewee: [Quiet laughter] Well- um- we (.) er (.) had (.) decided to go for a walk but UNFORTUNATELY it had started to (.) ahh (.) to (coughs) rain.

What can conversational analysis reveal in a text?

Using conversational analysis clients are able to personalise their transcripts according to their own specific research interests. Our professional transcriptionists are able to tailor a transcript to identify specific conversational features and highlight these features using the notation technique requested. This flexibility enables clients to have details such as tone, pace, laughter and, for video files, descriptions of actions included in their documents.

Why request conversational analysis?

Conversational analysis is ideal for clients who are conducting qualitative research, or simply wish to collect the most meaning from speaker interactions. It is an effective research device for clients with extensive formatting requirements where detail is crucially important.

In addition to this style of transcription, we are able to produce documents that are compatible with qualitative analysis software such as NVivo and Leximancer. Pacific Transcription offers four different types of formatting with NVivo (NVivo Synchronised, NVivo Headings Questions, NVivo Headings Simple, and NVivo Basic), enabling further customisation of transcripts.

Click here for more information on Pacific Transcription and NVivo formatting or contact Pacific Transcription for information.

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