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Welcome to Pacific Transcription’s new Blog site!

Pacific Transcription is a company dedicated to delivering the best possible quality transcripts across a variety of professional areas, and we pride ourselves on providing a highly flexible and efficient service which considers and responds to the individual needs of our clients.

We also carry a wide range of professional dictation and transcription software and hardware via our online shop, so that our clients and our transcriptionists have the best possible access to the best possible products which deliver the best possible audio quality.

This blog site addresses a wide range of issues, problems, quirks and queries which our clients and transcriptionists encounter in everyday dictation and transcription dealings. We also look at the latest release products and software, and offer some solutions to commonly encountered problems.

Over the years we have encountered and solved some of the quirkiest, obtuse, puzzling, intensely frustrating and sometimes really funny problems relating to how our dictation and transcription software and hardware interact with each other, and are very happy to share these solutions with you.

We hope you find this blog full of useful information, and we always welcome feedback and suggestions on matters which impact transcriptionists and people wanting to get the best use possible out of their dictation products.

Please join us as we continue the journey to better transcription!

Catherine Byrne – Pacific Transcription Products Team
Pac Tran man blog final 2012

About Catherine Byrne

Catherine's work with Pacific Transcription spans many areas, including writing and design, business development, training, and of course, keeping abreast of emerging trends and new products which enhance transcription and dictation experiences for clients.
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