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How Pacific’s Transcription Quote Calculator Helps Australian Researchers

As the end of the year fast approaches researchers are reminded that their grants must be acquitted, budgets balanced, tight time frames met and allocated resources put to good use.

Pacific Transcription helps researchers meet these demands in a number of ways. The first step is to provide researchers with an accurate quote for transcription costs. Pacific has developed a specialised online quote calculator which is flexible enough to cater to specific transcription requirements, without losing accuracy when quoting on price for service.

Jacarandas in bloom signals it's time for researchers to acquit their research grants.

Pacific’s Quote Calculator

Clients upload their files to their secure Pacific online account and provide details of the files via the account’s “Notes” button (in the account), or via email. A Pacific enquiries team member listens to a portion of each file (to assess audio quality), and inputs the file details into the quote calculator.

Details may include:

  • Length of each file, in audio minutes,
  • Number of speakers in each file,
  • Audio quality (poor, good),
  • Audio format (Pacific has a long list of preferred audio formats, and at an extra cost, can convert and transcribe non-preferred audio formats),
  • Specific formatting (Pacific offers four NVivo formatting styles, and also offers formatting to suit many qualitative analysis software requirements),
  • Specialised templates,
  • Speaker Identification (files with more than three speakers attracts a speaker ID surcharge), and
  • Any other specialised or specific requirements, such as timestamping/timecoding.

This information is fed into the quote calculator, and an accurate quote is generated, which is specific to each client’s individual requirements and their file details. The quote calculator provides a highly accurate assessment of the cost of each transcription batch.

Sometimes an accurate quote is all that is needed to keep accounts departments happy; however this is not always the case. It is at these times that many researchers request Pacific’s prepaid transcription service.

Pacific’s Prepaid Transcription Service

Pacific’s prepaid transcription service is an excellent option for researchers who still have interviews or focus groups to record, but also need to expend their grant within a tight timeframe. The prepaid transcription service is easy to use, and can last for up to two years.

Clients purchase a “block” of prepaid transcription. Blocks can be purchased in lots of $100 or lots of $1000, or just contact us if you have a specific amount in mind. Once a block has been purchased, Pacific issues an account statement to the client which displays the amount of credit on the account.

Should final transcription costs come in under the purchased credit value, Pacific will issue a refund for the remaining credit at the end of the project.

This option is a great way for researchers to ensure they have access to transcription services and can meet this cost – when they need it.

If you need a quote or wish to purchase prepaid transcription, contact the enquiries team at Pacific Transcription for more information, and to create your secure client account.

NOTE FROM THE PACIFIC ENQUIRIES TEAM: At the moment Pacific’s online quote calculator is only available to Pacific staff, who gather the information from clients to formulate an accurate quote. Soon the online quote calculator will be available to clients also, making it easier and quicker for clients to obtain accurate projections of transcription costs. Watch this space!

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