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Trade in your Old Dictaphone for a New Philips DPM8000 – It’s the Dictaphone Sale of the Year!

When a high quality dictaphone like the Philips DPM8000 digital pocket memo goes on sale my ears prick up and my interest is piqued.  It’s not every day that these hardworking, durable dictation devices go on sale; so when they do, I like to spread the word.

This month Philips, in collaboration with their Australian Certified Professional Dictation Solutions partners, launched a promotion encouraging people to replace their older dictaphones with a new Philips DPM8000.

If you trade in your old dictaphone, regardless of which brand it is, you are eligible to buy a Philips DPM8000 at a heavily reduced price.  This is great news for people who currently use either the Olympus DS-5000 or the Philips LFH9600, as both manufacturers recently announced that these devices were no longer officially supported.

The Philips DPM8000 is arguably the best quality dictaphone on the market to date.  Although sharing many features with its closest rival, the Olympus DS-7000, the DPM8000 differentiates itself with a number of extremely useful and clever features.

If you dictate on a daily basis you will greatly appreciate the need for high quality audio, particularly if you are also using speech recognition software, or want to make your transcriptionist’s job as easy as possible.

DPM8000 – 3D Mic Technology

DPM8000 3D Mic Technology

DPM8000 3D Mic Technology

The DPM8000 has 3D Mic technology, which means the two inbuilt microphones are utilised to the best of their ability, delivering versatility unrivalled amongst today’s high end dictation devices.  The first mic is omnidirectional, enabling 360 degrees of sound capture, and the second mic is unidirectional, perfectly suited for dictating and voice recognition.

The DPM8000’s 3D Mic technology means that the DPM8000 can be used as a dictation device as well as an audio recorder to record important business meetings.

DPM8000 Built-in Motion Sensor

DPM8000 Motion Sensor

DPM8000 Motion Sensor

The DPM8000 also has a clever little built-in motion sensor, which further enhances the functionality of each microphone.  When the device is placed on a desk or held in the hand it senses and selects the appropriate microphone for that recording situation.  You no longer have to manually select the mic setting to suit the recording environment.

When the device is idle it automatically switches to standby mode, saving power.  When the DPM is moved or picked up again, it’s ready to record in seconds.

Trade in your old dictation device for a new DPM8000

The DPM8000 has many other handy features which make dictating a breeze.  Click here for more information on the DPM8000 and the Trade In Promotional Offer. (This offer is no longer available.)



It is well worth considering replacing your old dictation device with a new Philips DPM8000.  The promotion ends 30th June 2016, so be sure to contact your Philips Certified Professional Dictation Solutions partner today!

Pacific Transcription is a Philips Certified Professional Dictation Solutions Partner.

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