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Pacific’s Three Direct Dictation Methods – At Your Fingertips!

Direct dictation eliminates the need to manually upload audio files to an individual’s secure client transcription account, which can be time consuming.  Pacific Transcription offers medical and legal clients three direct dictation methods which make dictating safe, secure, easy-to-use and legally compliant.  

three direct dictation methods

What are these three direct dictation methods?

The three direct methods of dictation are:

  • Dial-in dictation,
  • Direct dictation using the Professional Mobile dictation app with a Winscribe licence, and
  • Direct dictation using the Dictate + Connect dictation app (iPhone only) and a secure online transcription account with Pacific Transcription

About the three direct dictation methods

Method #1: Dial-in dictation

Dial the dedicated dictation phone number from any phone to record your dictations directly onto Pacific Transcription’s dedicated dictation server.

Method #1: Dial-in DictationTo access this service you need a four digit pin (Author ID and Security Code).  Just contact Pacific Transcription to secure your dedicated pin.  Pacific staff will also supply you with Pacific’s secure dictation services brochure, which includes handy dictation hints and a step-by-step guide for dictating, including dictation keypad commands, and the phone number to use.  Once you have this information, simply dial the dictation line and start dictating!   It really is that simple.

When you end the phone call the dictation file is automatically and immediately queued to be typed.  For information on transcription costs please ask our friendly staff for a copy of Pacific’s Professional Rate Sheet.

Method #2: Direct Dictation using the Professional Mobile dictation app and a Winscribe licence

Use the Professional Mobile dictation app with a Winscribe licence to record your dictations and send them directly to Pacific Transcription’s dedicated dictation server.

The Professional Mobile dictation app can be downloaded from an app shop (i.e Google Play, Apple’s App Store, or a third party app store).  This app is designed for use on most smartphones, and on iPad and Android tablets.  While the app is free, it will not be connected to our systems until a licence is purchased.

You can purchase a Winscribe licence from Pacific Transcription’s online shop, or phone Pacific to make the purchase and to obtain instructions.

Method #2: Winscribe licence and app for direct dictationOnce the app is installed and you have purchased a Winscribe licence you will be supplied with an Author ID, password and URL setting.  Enter your unique Author ID, password and URL setting in the “Settings” area on the app.  Once you’ve entered this information and checked the network connection, you are ready to dictate!

Use the dictation app as you would a handheld dictaphone, to dictate.  The dictation app has all the functions of a top end dictaphone, including overwrite and insert, edit and review dictations, setting a job priority and changing the job type.

Once you’ve finished dictating, just click the send button and the job is automatically uploaded to Pacific’s secure dictation server, ready for typing.

What’s more, the Winscribe licence is perpetual.  This means you only make a once-off payment to have access to Pacific’s dedicated dictation server.

For transcription pricing, please ask Pacific’s friendly staff for a copy of the Professional Rate Sheet.

Method #3: Direct Dictation using the Dictate + Connect dictation app (iPhone only)

In 2012 Pacific Transcription teamed up with Jotomi, the creators of Dictate + Connect, to launch a third direct dictation option for Pacific clients.  The introduction of this option meant every Pacific Transcription professional client who used their iPhone or iPad to dictate could access a seamless direct dictation to transcription process.

More than five years later and with a growing number of Pacific’s medical and legal clients using this direct dictation method, the Dictate + Connect partnership with Pacific means we’re on the ball so our clients can keep ahead.

Method #3: Direct Dictation with Dictate + ConnectIt’s easy to get started with Dictate + Connect.  First download the paid version of the app from the Apple iStore.  The paid version costs less than AUD 30.  Make sure you already have a secure account with Pacific.  If you don’t, simply self-register as a New Client to obtain your Pacific username and password.

In the Settings area of the app, select Pacific Transcription as your “sharing destination” and when prompted, enter your Pacific Client username and password.  Now, start dictating!

Once you’ve finished dictating click the send button, and your files will be automatically uploaded directly to your secure Pacific client account, and Pacific will transcribe the audio for you.

Like the Professional Mobile dictation app, the Dictate + Connect professional dictation app has all the key features of a sophisticated dictaphone, including rewind, overwrite and insert.

To obtain a copy of Pacific’s Professional Rate Sheet for transcription pricing, simply log into your secure client account and download the latest version, or contact our friendly staff for a copy.

From dictation to transcription – a seamless process

All the direct dictation methods described include automatic addition to Pacific’s transcription queue, ready for typing.  Once the dictation files have been typed and passed the quality assurance process, the completed transcripts are uploaded to your secure client account, or zipped and emailed to your preferred email address.

Pacific Transcription’s Professional Rate Sheet lists the costs for transcription pricing.  Ask our friendly staff for a copy of this rate sheet, or log into your secure client account to download the latest version of the rate sheet.

Pacific’s three methods of direct dictation cover all contingencies.  Whether you are a first-time dictator or a seasoned dictation professional, Pacific Transcription’s suite of dictation methods ensures your particular dictation needs are met.  For safe, secure dictation services at your fingertips, try one of Pacific’s top three direct dictation methods.

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Catherine's work with Pacific Transcription spans many areas, including writing and design, business development, training, and of course, keeping abreast of emerging trends and new products which enhance transcription and dictation experiences for clients.
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      Hi Jacinta, Thank you for your post. Pacific Transcription is always interested in hearing from typists who have typing experience and are interested in typing contractor work. I encourage you to complete our online application via the Careers Portal. Good luck.

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