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Clients Reap the Benefits of Pacific’s Regular Internal Audits

For anyone who has been involved in attaining and maintaining certification of an international standard, such as Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001), they’d be very familiar with the need for internal audits.

Internal audits are a necessary and essential part of any certification attainment and maintenance process.

Continuous Improvements, Internal Audits

Yesterday I attended a workshop on internal auditing, with five of my esteemed colleagues. A key learning I took away from the workshop was the direct and measurable positive impact internal audits can have on improving the quality of service delivery to clients. Clients DIRECTLY benefit from internal audits. The correlation couldn’t be clearer.

I found myself pleasantly surprised as what I thought would be fairly dry content turned out to be highly relational, interesting and informative discussion on why we conduct internal audits, and how to structure internal audits to benefit the core business objectives.

It was great to see that if a business has its clients at its core (which Pacific does), then it is those clients who are the biggest beneficiaries of the improvements to quality of service delivery. It’s a win-win!

What’s more, by participating in this workshop and developing a deeper understanding of the quality standard, it became abundantly clear that Pacific’s internal auditing schedule needed to change. The changes Pacific is now implementing to the internal audit process will ensure Pacific is even more responsive to client feedback, more responsive to market changes and trends, and more responsive to client needs.

When Pacific first decided to go for the internationally recognised ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) standard, the key driver was to have mechanisms in place which enabled Pacific to monitor, measure, improve and report back to our clients on the quality of delivery of services.

Three years on and Pacific has successfully maintained ISO 9001 certification. Over this time Pacific has heavily invested in ensuring the whole of staff body is engaged in the process of continual improvement. We’ve grown and matured as a company, and as staff members, by being actively engaged in this process.

What’s more, Pacific’s clients have been the main beneficiary of this effort and investment, as they are the recipients of continual improvement in the quality of delivery of services.
Achieving and maintaining ISO 9001 certification has made a huge positive difference to how Pacific demonstrates and effectively communicates continual improvement of quality of service delivery to clients.

Maintaining this standard also enables our clients to have confidence that Pacific is not only committed to delivering the best possible services to clients but is actually delivering the best possible services to clients.

The topic of internal audits may be considered dry at the onset, but after exploration, it becomes abundantly clear that an internal audit programme is an essential component in ensuring Pacific’s improvement of quality of services is successfully delivered to clients.

For more information on how Pacific’s ISO 9001 certification benefits clients please contact the Pacific Enquiries Team.

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