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Comparing Acoustic Magic Voice Trackers I and II

Voice Tracker array microphones are cost-effective, user-friendly and provide high-quality audio capture, making them ideal for recording meetings, capturing lectures or conferences and accommodating speech recognition applications.

These array microphones scan 360° to electronically locate and automatically steer towards the talker, ensuring that no audio is missed. While the digital signal processor creates a listening beam which focuses on the talker and spatially filters noise from other directions, proprietary noise reduction algorithms filter out background noise.

Each microphone’s extremely long pickup range means that there is no need for multiple microphone mixer setups, cumbersome headsets or handheld microphones, all of which can be expensive and may require expert installation and management.

Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker I

Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker I

This means that questions from the class as well as the lecturer are picked up, even as the lecturer moves about the room, all with the use of a single, inexpensive microphone.

This is why more than 300 universities across the United States are using Voice Trackers in their classrooms, and why universities across Australia are selecting Voice Trackers as their microphone of choice for lecture capture.

Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker II

Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker II

Comparing Voice Trackers I and II: Are they so different from each other?

Pickup Range

While both Voice Trackers utilise eight “always on” array elements and two stage noise reduction algorithms for exceptionally long pickup, the VTI outstrips the VTII with a 10+ metre range, while the VTII has a range of 7+ metres. This is one of the reasons that universities are choosing the VTI for their lecture theatres and classrooms.

Advantage: VTI has longer range

Power: USB Output versus Wall Power

The VTII’s primary audio output is an USB output, and it is powered by its USB connection, eliminating the need to be connected to wall power. This makes the VTII quite portable.

The advantage of having wall power is that there is no risk of loss of performance as batteries run out. Also, a USB adapter is available as an optional extra, for the VTI, and is handy for use with Macs and laptops with low performance sound cards.

Advantage: VTI is more versatile.

The Voice Tracker II in a small conference setting.

The Voice Tracker II in a small conference setting.

Acoustic Echo Cancellation

Acoustic Echo occurs when an open microphone picks up a far end talker (from the loudspeaker) and sends it back to the far end talker (as an echo). The Voice Tracker II incorporates a sophisticated and effective acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) technology which makes picking up the speech of people located throughout the entire conference room even simpler.

This is particularly useful when using VoIP-based technology systems like Skype and Adobe Connect, as these systems become easily utilised and inexpensive conferencing tools when paired with the Voice Tracker II.

The VTI can be used in conventional conferencing systems that already have AEC, but AEC is not built into the VTI mic itself.

Advantage: VTII has Acoustic Echo Cancellation

Use with voice recognition software

The VTII is ideal for use as a microphone paired with voice recognition software. Some people who use voice recognition software such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking or Dragon Dictate for Mac, don’t like using headsets or handheld microphones. The VTII offers an excellent, inconspicuous alternative to these mics.

Check out this short video featuring Bob Feingold, from Acoustic Magic. He demonstrates how effective the Voice Tracker II is when using it with voice recognition software, in the quiet of his office environment.

Advantage: VTII is more discrete

Comparing Voice Trackers I and II: Results

Both the Voice Tracker I and Voice Tracker II have distinct differences, which make them suitable for specific settings. The Voice Tracker I is more suited to capturing audio from lecture theatres and classrooms, and the Voice Tracker II is a great microphone to use when paired with voice recognition software.

Why not give both a try? At Pacific Transcription we have the VTI and VTII available for purchase and hire.

For more information on Acoustic Magic Voice Trackers I and II, or to purchase or hire, visit the Pacific Transcription website.

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  1.' Sarah Kaine says
    13 Nov at 6:34 am

    It has been suggested to us that as we ant to keep the recordings (as well as transcrobe them) to post on a website that we need to get a microphone such as The 722: Portable, High-Resolution Audio Recorder with Internal Hard Drive however this is extremely expensive. While we could invest in a good microphone – not $5000 dollars worth.

    Could you suggest another option? I though maybe we could hire one for yours to trial?

    Thanks for your help.

    • Catherine Byrne says
      14 Nov at 11:07 am

      Hi Sarah, thank you for query. There are many recording devices and microphones available which do not cost the earth, and work quite well in large recording environments, such as lecture theatres.

      It is a great idea to hire a microphone, to see if it suits your recording environment. Depending on your specific needs, the Voice Tracker I or the Voice Tracker II might be the right mic for you.

      As you can see from the article on the Voice Trackers, The Voice Tracker I is used extensively across the Unites States in lecture theatres, and is starting to make headway here, in Australia.

      Please keep in mind though that the Voice Trackers are microphones only – they do not have internal recording functionality. This means you need to plug the Voice Tracker into a recording device, like a PC or laptop, which has recording software, to capture and record the audio.

      We have both available for hire via our online shop, or you can phone the Products Team to discuss further and to organise hire and delivery. Do let us know how you go.

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