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Researchers Rush to Get their Audio Transcribed on Time

It’s that time of year again, when academics, PhD students, and other researchers frantically attempt to meet grant deadlines and get their research audio transcribed on time.

Thankfully Pacific Transcription offers a variety of solutions tailored to assist researchers meet tight deadlines, including flexible transcription rates for volume audio upload and prepaid transcription credit.


Flexible Rates

Talk to us about our flexible transcription rate for volume audio. Our Flexible rate is available to clients who are charitable organisations, students paying out of their own pocket, or clients with uploads of 20+ hours of audio in a single batch.
The completed transcripts are available to clients two or more weeks after the audio is received by Pacific Transcription, so this rate suits many researchers who have volume audio, a limited transcription budget, and a few weeks’ grace in a deadline.


Prepaid Transcription

Let us make your life a little simpler, with Pacific’s prepaid transcription service. Our prepaid transcription service is an excellent option for researchers needing to expend their grant budget and who have yet to complete planned interviews. You can purchase prepaid transcription in lots of $100, or lots of $1000, or just contact us if you have other amounts in mind.

Once you have purchased a block of prepaid transcription, we issue you with an account statement which displays the amount of credit you have on your account.

Should your final transcription costs not reach the purchased credit value, we are able to refund the remaining credit at the end of your project.

To discuss either option or other ways Pacific can assist you with your transcription requirements during this busy end-of-year time, please contact us, read our Research Rate Sheet, or visit our website for more details.

Posted by: Catherine Byrne

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Catherine's work with Pacific Transcription spans many areas, including writing and design, business development, training, and of course, keeping abreast of emerging trends and new products which enhance transcription and dictation experiences for clients.
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