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Attention All University Researchers! Expend your grants on time with Pacific Transcription’s flexible options

Whether you’re a University staffer or PhD student or both, end of year not only means frantically finishing marking and finalising focus group recordings for transcription and analysis, but also making sure that you expend your grants on time and in line with your budget.

Pacific Transcription helps Researchers expend their grants on time

Feel like this…

Pacific Transcription helps Researchers expend their grants on time

Instead of this? Let Pacific Transcription smooth the waters.

At Pacific Transcription we can help you get your transcription needs under control as well as expend your grants within the set timeframe, with a range of practical options to suit many situations.

Expend your grants on time – consider Pacific’s Charity/Student/Volume Rates

Consider Pacific’s flexible turnaround option for audio files that don’t have to be transcribed immediately.   The Charity/Student/Volume Rate is designed for researchers who have large volumes of audio (20+ hours) and/or are registered charitable organisations or students who are paying for transcription out of their own pockets.

Because the flexible option encompasses a turnaround of two or more weeks, you pay less per audio minute than Standard turnaround rates.  This is a great solution for researchers who have a high volume of audio hours to be transcribed, but no imminent deadline for completion.

Even if you have less than 20 hours of audio ready for upload, at this busy time of year it is still worth emailing the Operations Team to see if this option is available to you.

Pacific Transcription’s pre-paid transcription credit options – helping many researchers expend their grants on time

Another excellent option Pacific offers is Pre-Paid Transcription.  Pre-Paid Transcription allows researchers to pay for their transcription costs with their grant funding before the audio files are transcribed.  This option works well for researchers who need to submit a transcription invoice before the end of the calendar year or before their grant closes or expires, but have yet to complete their planned focus group or interview recordings.

This option ensures researchers are covered for future transcription requirements within that funding allocation, and also means there’s one less thing to worry about!

Pacific has two Pre-Paid Transcription Credit options available for purchase via our online shop ($100 and $1000).  If you need an alternative amount, email our Finance Team requesting the amount you require, and we’ll send a tax invoice to you for payment.  We can be as flexible as you need.

If you find that none of the listed options suit your specific and immediate needs, just drop us an email or give us a call and we can see what we can do to make securing your transcription needs as easy as possible, so you can have a restful break before the New Year dawns.

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