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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Recording Options for Medical and Legal Clients: Digital Recorders vs. Dial-in Dictation

There are a number of dictation options available to medical and legal industries in the modern transcription world. The most frequently used systems tend to be hand-held digital voice recorders and phone-based dial-in dictation systems, and each of these platforms … Continue reading

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Conducting academic research? You need an experienced transcription company on board.

There are many transcription formats and templates that are used across a wide variety of professions as a part of everyday specialised work. Many medical, legal, media and finance companies have their own in-house templates which they require transcriptionists to … Continue reading

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What is Remote Captioning and how is it helpful for students who are Deaf or hard of hearing?

The wonders of technology! There are just so many advances in the dictation and transcription industry which are making more experiences more accessible to people with a variety of disabilities. Take remote captioning for students. We now have technology in … Continue reading

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